The New Blue's Debut: Family Weekend Concert 2016

Come and enjoy the best of Yale a cappella music at the Yale New Blue's & Alley Cats's annual Family Weekend show in SSS 114! Presenting each group's all-new Class of 2020, we can't wait for you all to hear our beautiful & talented new freshmen at their first ever performance!

From the New Blue:Rebecca Ju, Sita Strother, Abigail Hopkins, Alice Tao, Anna-Sophia Boguraev, & Amrita Iyer From the Yale Alley Cats: Tyler Miles, Robert Crystal, Mark Gustaferro, Arthur Hwang, Hale Jaeger, and Shaun Radgowski

Tickets: $5 for students purchasing in advance, $7 for students purchasing at the door, $10 for non-students, and $20 for priority seating! Buy tickets by venmo or in person from any of our members, or online here: !

If you order Priority Tickets, please email with your name(s) so we can reserve your seats.

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