Why rush...



1. Our eclectic repertoire has something for everybody, and it's always evolving. We belt out pop and soul, we power through epic 13-part rock arrangements, we take pride in our folk roots, we snap through jazz standards, and we are always looking for new genres to explore. Our arrangements, all created by members of New Blue current and past, have won awards and acclaim. Our musical personality is especially unique in its emphasis on rockin' bass lines and the value of the low female voice. You heard us, altos. This solid foundation allows our soprano voices to soar.














This video features Victoria Hall-Palerm, also a member of Yale's prestigious senior ensemble, Whim 'n Rhythm, singing her farewell solo in 2014. Each year during Parents' Weekend, New Blue greets family and friends with an on-campus concert, in which our seniors perform their favorite solos and our new taps make their debut!

2. We record and professionally produce a new album every other year.  Last fall, we released our latest album, Exit 4, which was recorded in the spring and features 10 never-before-recorded arrangements, as well as a handful of classic favorites. And we still have available our previous album, Clarion Call, which features previous classes of New Blue. Check out clips here! 

3. New Blue loves to travel! In recent years, we have toured the U.K., France, San Francisco, Ireland, Texas, Greece, D.C., Florida, Hong Kong, Singapore, St. Louis, Chicago, London and countless other exciting places. We try to visit our members' hometowns on our domestic tours, and it's always incredible to perform for family, friends, hometown choirs, and Yale Club members across the country. On our international tours, one each other year, we've performed for schools, embassies, and sold out halls. We had the opportunity of being the first Yale group to sing with Yale-NUS's first a cappella group on their campus. (We even had a riff-off with a guys' group while checking out Portobello Road market on our London tour — they were not ready for Caitlin's solo on our Taylor Swift mashup, "Blank Space!") 

4. You can get involved right away. As a member, you'll grow as a musician and a professional, with opportunities to take part in business and tour managing, artistic direction, design, communications, and group finances. And anyone, even freshmen, can try any solo. Anytime. We're also proud to continue collaborating with causes that our members work hard for. We recently sang for patients at the Connecticut Mental Health Center and special needs students at Our Pride Academy, and participated in benefit concerts for Nothing But Nets and World Vision. 


5. Worried you'll never hang out with a guy again if you join an all-female a cappella group? You're in for a surprise. A cappella at Yale is a huge community of friends, and you'll find yourself recognizing people from other groups right away — or at least after our first party with them on Tap Night. We regularly perform with Yale groups, teaming up with a guys' group on campus, the Yale Alley Cats every year for Parents' Weekend, and singing with Mixed Company, the SOB's, and the Spizzwinks at Harvard-Yale. New Blue also frequently performs with groups from other schools, including prominent groups from Harvard, Williams, MIT, and the reigning ICCA finalists from Oxford. Plus, with Annalise as our social chair, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bond with other groups, from sunny Old Campus picnics to themed parties.

6. New Blue is classy.

7. The friendships and connections you’ll make through New Blue will last a lifetime, as we've discovered at our Alumnae Dinner, held annually in New York. The great diversity of interests and experiences within the group makes life as a member of the New Blue family truly one-of-a-kind. The group includes women from Michigan to Thailand, pre-med students and music majors, varsity athletes, photographers, and actresses, and a whole lot more. Our different backgrounds, worldviews, and academic interests only strengthen the bonds that we form based on our shared love of singing and of one another. Welcome to one of the most loving, open environments you'll find at Yale.

8. New Blue is sassy. 

9. We take pride in countless New Blue traditions: gathering at the Women’s Table; performing in our black power blazers and rompers in addition to our little black dresses and evening gowns; singing our alumnae song, "Runs in the Family"; baking together (have you heard about puppy chow and Oreo truffles? Get ready to hear a lot about puppy chow and Oreo truffles); holding a holiday gift exchange; and delivering singing Valentines to unsuspecting classmates every February, just to name a few. Every spring, New Blue presents a full-length, on-campus concert for our friends, fans, and alumnae. We had a blast at our 45th anniversary weekend reunion and jam on Saturday, April 11th, 2015, with alums from the 70's all the way to today, pictured below! 

Check out videos from current and past jams on our YouTube channel.

10.  As a member of the first women's organization on campus, you'll be connected to a long legacy of strong women at Yale, through both our music and our history. The first women of The New Blue were instrumental in establishing the vibrant coeducational community that we still enjoy at Yale today, and our supportive network of alumnae stretches across the country and the globe. To quote a former member: "This is forty[-five!] years of women creating together, traveling together, managing a business, performing together, having fun, maintaining musical excellence, and never letting the Old Blue know what hit them."