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Welcome to

RUSH 2024

We are Yale's first all-women's organization of any kind


Since 1969

We cannot wait to meet you!

Welcome Class of 2028!

We're so excited to meet you! We hope this section of our website, designed especially for you, is helpful as you make your way through this process called "rush." If you're still a little confused about how rush works, don't worry! Our "Rush Demystified" section will take you through the process step by step.


As you prepare for your audition, be sure to check out our All You Need to Audition tab containing all the materials you need before you sing for us. And stop by our Repertoire page for samples of our style and videos of recent performances! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email! We're counting down the days to Jam — see you at our rush table!  

Jam 2008.jpg

We want to make the rush process as smooth as possible for all rushees! This will give you a breakdown of all the events and processes involved.


Here is what you will need for your callback audition!

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