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to New Blue Auditions!

We're so excited to hear you sing for us! We will be holding auditions in the Davenport Pierson Auditorium!


Vocal Warm-ups

We’ll take you through a few basic vocal exercises to get your voice moving and hear its range, size, color, and quality.


Ear Exercises & Sight-Reading

Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced sight-reader — we’ll help you out with this section if you’d rather not read on your own. Every year we've tapped a member (or more!) with no prior experience sight-reading vocal music. 


Ensemble Exercise

Take a look at the sheet music in your audition folder, also available for PDF download below! It's a snippet of one of our valentine quartets, called "I Only Have Eyes for You." Audio clips of each part are also available here to help you practice. Please prepare whichever quartet part you feel is the best fit for your voice (feel free to learn more than one if you’re not sure).


A Solo of Your Choice (45-90 seconds)!

Again, sing something that you can perform comfortably and with confidence – it can be anything from a classical aria to a Broadway showstopper to a tune off the radio or “Happy Birthday.”

If you have any questions about music or audition prep, please feel free to email our Musical Director Sydney Benson at

Sheet Music and Midi Files

I Only Have Eyes For You

Soprano I 

I Only Have Eyes for You

Alto I 

I Only Have Eyes for You

Soprano II

I Only Have Eyes for You

Alto II 

I Only Have Eyes for You

2023 Rush Packet

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