Below is our CD shop, including our latest professionally mixed releases: Exit Four and Clarion Call. 

Clarion Call (2015)

Click below to order a copy of our 16th studio album, Clarion Call! Released Sept. 6th, 2015, it features The New Blue of 2014-15 and ELEVEN never-before-recorded arrangements. Yours for only $20!


1. Medicine
2. Happy Ending
3. Make You Feel My Love
4. Ain't No Other Man
5. Can't Stop Thinking About You
6. When I Fall in Love
7. Come to Me
8. Scarborough Fair

9. New York State of Mind
10. We Were Rock & Roll
11. Tell Him
12. Feeling Good
13. The Great Escape
14. Blank Space (Mash Up)
15. Fare Thee Well
16. Latch


Exit FOUR 

Click below to order a copy of our 17th studio album, Exit Four! Released August 29th, 2017, it features The New Blue of 2016-2017. Order yours here for $20!


1. Rather Be
2. Valerie
3. Latch
4. I Say a Little Prayer
5. Dear No One
6. Fast Car
7. Sweet Dream On (Mashup)
8. Not Your Way

9. Once Upon Another Time
10. Come to Me
11. Lips Are Movin'
12. 6'2
13. Can't Stop Thinking About You
14. Before He Cheats
15. The Great Escape

16. Ain't No Other Man

17. Rise Up